What is L2Divine ?

L2walker will not release new version in future. So i introduce a bot to you. The bot is L2divine. What is L2Divine? L2Divine is a project for developing bot to work on alternative Lineage 2 private server supported for God – Goddess of Destruction. With a large set of key features on auto battle, auto trading, scripting, drop/spoil database and other powerfull features. http://www.l2divine.com[......]

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How to get ProtocolVersion?

How to get ProtocolVersion?it is very easy.

1 Create a file which type is txt,  and type “l2.exe -L2ProtocolVersion” in file, save file,give this file a name,such as protocol.bat

2 Copy this file to folder which name is system in lineage2 folder and run, you will see ProtocolVersion

What is L2walker

L2Walker will not release new version in future.

L2Walker was originally created by programmers for the purpose of Farming. By automating the task to a computer program, it reduced the amount of personal needed by “Farmers” while at the same time allowing multiple accounts to perform the same tas[......]

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