What is L2Divine ?

L2walker will not release new version in future. So i introduce a bot to you. The bot is L2divine. What is L2Divine? L2Divine is a project for developing bot to work on alternative Lineage 2 private server supported for God – Goddess of Destruction. With a large set of key features on auto battle, auto trading, scripting, drop/spoil database and other powerfull features. http://www.l2divine.com[......]

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How to get ProtocolVersion?

How to get ProtocolVersion?it is very easy.

1 Create a file which type is txt,  and type “l2.exe -L2ProtocolVersion” in file, save file,give this file a name,such as protocol.bat

2 Copy this file to folder which name is system in lineage2 folder and run, you will see ProtocolVersion

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What is L2walker

L2Walker will not release new version in future.

L2Walker was originally created by programmers for the purpose of Farming. By automating the task to a computer program, it reduced the amount of personal needed by “Farmers” while at the same time allowing multiple accounts to perform the same tas[......]

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