Guide To L2walker(5)

write by GuyHentai from gogygo forum

GM Strategy
GM Setting -Only thing in here is set the Flash GM Name Delay to 9999999 (looks funny if u keep typing /gmlist all the time, if your reported they check chat logs) -Checkup GM with Equip is when it finds a GM in area it will use whatever item u set in your item settings (not recommended, as far as i know GM’s can move around invisible, walker can’t detect them if they don’t wanna be seen) -On Found GM check box and then input text if u want your character to say something when it finds a GM (don’t use that either)
Logout Setting -Logging out on GM anything is going to get you banned -On found GM in rect x – Logs out if GM is within that set range -Relogin,Delay(s) x – Sets the amounf of seconds b4 it attempts to relog in. -On GM Whisper,Delay(s) x – Logs out if GM sends whisper. -Relogin,Delay(s) x – Sets the amounf of seconds b4 it attempts to relog in. -On GM Petition,Delay(s) x – Logs out if GM sends petition. -Relogin,Delay(s) x – Sets the amounf of seconds b4 it attempts to relog in.

Other Player -Auto Accept Live “drop down list” – You will accept a rez when you are rez’d by x -Auto-Reject Party invite: Never ever check this. This will make it obvious you are botting if you reject party invite within a millisec. If you don’t check it, the party invite will just go away after awhile. -Log player attack will allow you to keep a log of all the attacks you have sustained from players. It gives out the name of the attacker as well as the HP you had left after the attack. It outputs in the text file you will have chosen there. -On found player in rect: YOU SHOULD CHECK THIS IF YOU ARE AFK BOTTING (rect means the distance 3000 is good enough, find a nice low traffic area to bot aswell, will minimizes ur downtime if u bot where no one goes less likely to have to log for this reason, pick at minimum 1200s = 20 mins -On found red name in rect: Will make you log if a red name appears within the set distance…(Bot Pkers suck) -On player in XXXX rect be X Mons locked (log if someone has got a train on them in set distance with set amount of mobs on them, possibly a train for you (worse then getting pked is trained, losing gear sucks more) -Be player’s attack delay: Will make you log on player attacks after the set delay. You can also set relogin options. -The last box is for setting something that your player will say after being attacked once (don’t use screams bot, if they log out and hit u again u will say exact same thing, they know ur a bot, or if somebody different hits u other then them the next time)

Names Setting -GM Name – A list of gm names from all of the /gmlist, no matter what at start up walker retrives a GM List. -Friends Name – A list of your friends list or names you have inputted into walker so you can set up buffs, heals etc. for that player. -Other Players Name – A list you can put other players name in for use with setting up log out option, etc. -Black Name – A list of ppl that have atked you, pk’d you while walker was running, can you used for future log out setting to made from those players.

AI Answer -Smart Reply Whisper – Replys back went sent a private message -Not Match Rand Reply – Doesn’t match random replys -Smart Reply Petition – Replys back to a petition -Smart Reply x Range Player’s Say – Replys back when a player within range says something -Add a Word under Match, and under Answer put what you would like to say when someone says something under the Match section.

Vending -Auto Set Up Shop When Enter – Automatically makes a configured shop when log in. -ReSetup x m Delay – Re-sets up the shop every x amount of mins -Cycle Put Item. – Cycles the items configured through the shop everytime it re-sets up, works if your trying to sell x items and the char can only sell so many in a shop at a time. -Auto Set Up Shop, select which type of shop to be made -Shop Title – Enter in the title you wish the shop to use. -From the drop down list at the bottom, select the item you wish to add to the shop. -In the Next box enter in the quantity of the item you wish to sell. -In the last box enter in the amount of adena for the item, then select add. -After items have been added to the list, you may high light the line and select delete to remove it from the shop, select chnage to edit the quantity or price for the item.

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