Guide To L2walker(4)

write by GuyHentai from gogygo forum

-Rand will make you run around randomly, killing monsters as you see them. (for expert users only plz)
-Combat begin is center point will set your combat ranges from the place where you click begin combat, drawing that familiar red square around your char
-Center point is to be used if you want to determine a precise point to start combat (.Cur. is a button to put ur current location in the box’s)
-Radii is the unit radius you want your red square to cover around the Center point. The higher it is, the wider your combat range will be.
-Define range is to be used after you have established many pathing points. If you have ever used walker, you will notice that when you create pathing points, it draws a black polygon linking all of the pathing points. Define range will make you hunt mobs in that range only. (sometimes the terrain gets in way so u make ur range go around it)
-Define Pathpoint (Points that your character will run from one to the other when no mobs are around)
-Z Limit is the height limit you want your bot to get mobs at. Very useful when you are in a multiple floors building. It will keep your bot from targeting monsters on other floors.
-No Mons, Move with PathPoint (if you have pathpoints set. It will make your character move along the pathpoints you have set when it sees no monsters, but will stop when it sees one within range of the redsquare and start running towards it.)
-To set pahtpoints select either Define PathPoint or Define Range above the grid (which ever u go with) and clicking Cursor Pos at the spot u want ur pathpoint to start at, then click add, move to next location and redo same (i use this for when i use Center Point + No Mons, Move with PathPoint, i then set a path point on one corner or close to of the red square and then another pathpoint on opposite corner, that way it will run from one end to the other until it finds a mob, usually with bigger radii walker can’t see all the mobs within the radii and will just stand their until a mob spawns close to it)

Both are pretty similar, so I will cover both at once. The only difference about them is that when you’re outside of the short attacks range, the far attacks will be considered, and if you’re in range for short attacks, the far attacks will be ignored and replaced by the short ones.

-Check the Use XXXXX Settings square if you want your settings to work. Otherwise, these settings will be ignored.
-Set the range settings, I’d recommend 600 if you’re using long range attacks on far attacks, and 900 if you’re a caster (Spellhowler, Sorcerer or Spellsinger). And I would recommend 60 or so on short attack settings (melee range), unless you’re using a polearm, which I think has 100 range.
-Attack and Run will make your char run after each attack, wether it be spell or bowshot. Don’t use short attack settings with that, because they just won’t work.
-You shouldn’t need to use the equip weapon settings either, unless you’re using a bow and a dagger. Then just set your bow from the dropdown menu in far attacks, and check the first box, and do the same with your dagger in the short attack settings
-First line should be read as: First, use XXXX skill when my HP is under XX % (setting in 0 will nullify this option) and my MP is above XX %. Check repeat if it applies.
-Second line should be read as: Second, use XXXX skill when my target’s HP is above XXXX. Check repeat if applies
-Third line should be read as, Third, use XXXX skill when my target’s hp is UNDER XXXX. Check repeat if applies
-Fouth line should be read as: Use XXXX skill if you are in a situation where you need to protect a party member. Check repeat if applies
-Then, in Attacking type, you can either set your char to attack normally once he’s done with the options above, or you can set it to chain two skills instead of attacking normally. Please note that if you set your char to run after it attacks, it will execute its series of first skills, then execute the first skill in the chain, then start running.
-The last checkbox if you want your char to switch to simple attacks when the mob is under a certain percentage of HP.

Mons Setting
-On the top, is a list of all the registered monsters. It gives you a resume of all of their settings. You can use the find function, but remember that it’s case sensitive
-Once you selected a mob, its settings appear at the bottom.
-Attack type is to set if you want your character to attack the mob or not.
-Attack alone is a setting to allow it to attack only if no social mobs with it are standing around.
-Atk aggro first (does what it says)
-Check auto-sweep if you’re running a dwarf, this will make your dwarf auto spoil/sweet the mob if it’s checked in Other Heals options. (leave alone if not using dwarf only change if u want your dwarf to not spoil something ie. spoils sucks waste of mp)
-Check initiative if you want the bot to think a monster is aggro and check Colony if you want the bot to think it’s social
-Race is to set which mob your current mob is social with. For example, all the felim lizardmen are set at 12, which could be interpreted as All mobs set at 12 are social together and will aggro you if you attack another mob with clan set as 12 near them.
-Mon Level limit is to set a limit to determine which level mobs your char will attack.
-Grab other player’s monsters – Will make your bot KS (don’t EVER, EVER use this setting)

Items Setting
-Pick will make you pick up an item or not (don’t use this, scream bot when they is terrian littered with wooden arrows etc.)
-Sell – I’m not sure, someone please clarify this for me.
-Store – I’m not sure either, someone please clarify this for me.
-GM use – Will make you use this item if you detect a GM. Then again, I am not sure, someone please clarify this for me.
-Del – Works in conjunction with the Auto Del Load function. (use this instead for getting rid of useless items)
-All same button will set all the items to the same settings of the currently selected item.
-Pick up item. distance – Will make you pick up or not items within the distance (if you have this checked and don’t have only pick mine someone can throw a item in front of you and you will run for it, its also how ppl make bots follow adena trails over cliffs, into boss mobs etc.) (i used to do this in AL to farmer bot parties, send em into a room full of aggros, make adena trail starting in room going towards their party, silent move ftw)
-Pick up items before ATK. (Will make you pick up the items on the ground before you attack other monsters)
-Only pick mine ( bot only picks up its own, however if u can’t pick up something from a certain angle and bot moves on u have to manually go back to pick it up or uncheck this and hope u get near the adena next time or leave it be)
-Auto Del Load will make you delete the items you have checked as Del in the upper part when your weigh is above the set number of percents.

Pet Setting
-Follow ATK “name” Hunger%>60HP%>0 – Follows another player (not the master) till food and hp settings
-Auto feeding, Hunger <60%. – Automatically feeds the per when Hunger is below that setting.
-No Food CallBack Pet. – When food runs out the pet will be unsummoned.
-Auto Res Pet – Automatically rez’s ones own dead pet, i’d assume with a skill if the summoner has the rez skill otherwise by scroll.
-Pets HP < 30% CallBack. – When pets HP gets below setting, pet is unsummoned.
-Auto res Party member’s Pet. – Automatically rez’s dead party member’s pet.
-Player’s HP <30% CallBack. – Pet is unsummoned when players HP is less then setting.
-TakeBack x Items x When Less x – Not sure what this does.
-Summon – Select the summon you wish to be summoned from the drop down list.

Pet Buff
-Check the left checkbox to activate the buff line, choose the buff from the dropdown menu and set the delay, which should be left at 20 minutes.
-Select the name of the player whos pet you wish to buff.

Pet Help
–Check the boxes on the left to activate the line.
-Set the percentage of HP you want your healer to heal your pet at.
-Choose the heal from the dropdown menu,
-MP > is to set an amount of MP you want your healer to stop healing when it is under.
-Select the name of the player whos pet you wish to heal.

Pet Skill
- Self MP <70%, Use Pet’s Skill[Master Recharge] – When players MP is less then 70% pet will recharge

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  1. On the first day i used it was perfect. But on the second day,while the bot is attacking, it stop and stand still although mobs are hitting him.Then he dies. I don’t understand what happened. Please help me

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