Guide To L2walker(3)

write by GuyHentai from gogygo forum

Other Section
-When member dead wait XX s. (I’m not sure about this one, its either log out or rez)
-When XXXXX logout, wait XX (s) logout (Will make your char logout if the selected chars logout after the set period of time)
-When Party Members less than X, wait X min then logout (When your party has less than X members, your character will logout on its own after the set period of time)
-Aptitude Dance and Song (if party leader has a check on this, it will auto kick the bd and sws when they sing and dance (if auto invite is on will also reinvite them right after they sing and dance, This is so the bd and sws don’t get any of each others buffs)
-Follow NPC Chat Follow Member XXXX (set up to pm others in name list to follow the same npc chat)
-Follow Go Home (uses a soe when char they are following does)

Party Buffs
** Note ** Again, please remember that the names settings are case sensitive and it won’t work well if you don’t respect Upper and Lower case Letters **

-Rect is the distance at which your buffer should run to buff your character if it is due for buffs
-For the rest, it works just like normal buffs, except you can input name
-Check the left checkbox to activate the buff line, choose the buff from the dropdown menu and set the delay, which should be left at 20 minutes.

Party Heals
-Range is the range you want your healer running to heal your party members if they are below the heal settings.
-Check the boxes on the left to activate the line.
-Set the percentage of HP you want your healer to heal your party at.
-Choose the heal from the dropdown menu, check the checkbox if you want your healer to heal while in fight or not.
-MP > is to set an amount of MP you want your healer to stop healing when it is under.
-MP works the same way as HP, except it’s for the recharge spell (SE & EE only)
-When X or more party members are under X% HP, use XXXXX skill (Group Heal)
-Auto Rez PartyPlayer (set the name of player u want to rez if it dies, must be in party)
-Allow use item will use a scroll if u don’t have rez skill
-Clear Party Abnormity buffs will make your char use the appropriate skills if any of your party members gets hit by poison, bleeding, paralysis or sleep (waking scrolls)

Control Setting
** I don’t recommend using this section, if u run 2 walkers on same computer it will auto detect HP/MP just like if in party, even on 2 different computer walker will still cure abnormity buffs, and it looks funny if GM’s check your chat logs (which they do if your reported) **

-Control settings are basically commands you can send to your bot to use certain skills. The first box on the top is for sending commands automatically, and the second one on the bottom is for setting what to do when receiving a command.
-Send request (Check this if you want your bot to send typed commands on certain conditions)
-Recv Name (Type the name of the person you want your bot to send the command to)
-Now from the drop down menu, you can choose a list of options to use with those commands.
-Self HP % < Means if your HP is under a definite percentage.
-Self MP % < Means if your MP is under a definite percentage.
-Delay (s) is if you want to set a delay to send the vocal command periodically.
-Check Recv Request if you want your bot to react to certain requests.
-Send Name is the name of the person who will be sending the request PM.
-Text is the received text in PM to react to when your bot gets it. Then you choose a skill from the dropdown list, and click add

Auto Trade
-When number of X items in inventory is less then x it will Auto request trade the player that has been set in the Target drop down list.

Player Incoming Trade
-On the player that wants the items traded to them select “When Item x < x” and select the player you wish to send trade to

Player Outgoing Trade
-On the player you want to trade the item from, select “Auto Trade”, select the player names it is to accept invite from.
-Change the Delay on accepting and Cancel trade to whatever u wish.
-Select “Trade” x Give x, select player name it is doing trade with

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