What is L2walker

L2Walker will not release new version in future.

L2Walker was originally created by programmers for the purpose of Farming. By automating the task to a computer program, it reduced the amount of personal needed by “Farmers” while at the same time allowing multiple accounts to perform the same task. Most users of L2Walker choose to create a Dwarven Scavanger  because of the charaters ability to “Spoil” (in essence obtain more in game items) which then are either sold in game for Adena (Lineage II’s currency) or sold on eBay or other MMORPG related gaming sites (such as IGE) for “Real World Money” known as RMT. This market called the “Secondary Market” by many Lineage II gamers is the driving force behind most L2Walker Users.

18 thoughts on “What is L2walker

  1. If the project is closed why not make the latest version without verification? And in general will see a gorgeous gift to the source. For enthusiasts who may continue to be modified for future chronicle it would be a very nice gift.

  2. 01:52:04 »¶Ó­Ê¹ÓÃÐÐÕß¡£www.ToWalker.com
    01:52:04 Link LoginServer Succeed.
    01:52:08 Login LoginServer successfully
    01:52:08 The Server that last login is [02]
    01:52:08 服务器[01]Online rates:6.76%,Available:Yes
    01:52:08 Link GameServer Succeed.
    01:52:08 ->Login GameServer Fail

    minta pencerahan dong gan..

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